How did the Dopamine Detox go?

This is how my dopamine detox went!

Dopamine Detox inspired by Andrew Kirby

Do you feel like you are the slave to your phone, computer etc? Me to! Join me to do this detox, inspired by a video from Andrew Kirby.

Clearing up personal development

Instead of trying to make others change. What should you change about yourself?

The addicted generation

Since the invention of alcohol, drugs and unhealthy food, we have had addictions. This is nothing new. But I honestly am extremely worried of the current and future generations. (yeah that means myself too) It is so easy to find something to get addicted to. And you honestly don't need to use much money for … Continue reading The addicted generation

Changes Changes Changes!

Change the people you hang out with and you can change yourself. I feel like there aren't many personal development communities so I have made a : ***** read to find out more 😉