Multitasking- a threat or an opportunity?

IntroductionWhat is multitasking?What are the threats of multitaskingIs it also an opportunity?Conclusion Introduction I have been searching for work for a while now, and I have realized this one expectation that many recruiters have, they want someone who is effective at multitasking. I have lived in a belief that multitasking is a myth and wrote … Continue reading Multitasking- a threat or an opportunity?

What is the science of success?

Success is not just about money! But what is it about? Let's ask science! Menestyminen ei ole vain rahasta kiinni. Mistä se sitten rakentuu? Kysytäänpä tieteeltä!

Why wait for tragedy? Change now!

Why wait till a loved one dies to change, when it could be way more pleasant to just change now?

How to have great conversations?

Having great conversations will make the difference between the world today and the future we want.

5 Ways to combat laziness

Laziness kills producitivity so why not rather kill laziness?

Are you addicted to internet? I am

Internet addiction is similar to drug addiction. Best way to control something is to know about it. I want to control my life, do you?

Everything wrong with school (My POV)

Education is great, teaching all the subjects that our society is prepared to teach kids (if you are born at a right time, to the right family with a right financial situation in the right country‚Ķ) But there are many problems within teaching itself.¬† I would like to remind everyone reading that these issues I … Continue reading Everything wrong with school (My POV)

Learning and age?

In march I will be celebrating my 22nd birthday, and while I am not old by any means, I must admit that hearing that age makes it more difficult to learn starts to nag at my mind.¬† But is it really harder to learn? While science¬† has shown us that brain loses some of its … Continue reading Learning and age?

Bye bye bye comfort zone

Have you ever had the feeling of butterflies fluttering in your stomach? Feeling like you will burst at the seams from excitement? And what if I tell you that this feeling is possible to achieve even without having a crush on someone, or being in love? I am sure that that feeling has been achieved … Continue reading Bye bye bye comfort zone

Be taught and teach

For couple of days now I have been watching people from TOTALLY different specks of life tell their story, their vision on Tom Bilyeu's show Impact Theory. And not only is all that I have watched been so extremely inspirational, I understood, that we ALL learn all the time AND that we all teach all … Continue reading Be taught and teach