Is Personal development the new fad diet?

Is PD, personal development a new fad diet? It can be. Here are 6 things to watch out for! Make PD your own, research, learn and apply.

Multitasking- a threat or an opportunity?

IntroductionWhat is multitasking?What are the threats of multitaskingIs it also an opportunity?Conclusion Introduction I have been searching for work for a while now, and I have realized this one expectation that many recruiters have, they want someone who is effective at multitasking. I have lived in a belief that multitasking is a myth and wrote … Continue reading Multitasking- a threat or an opportunity?

How to have great conversations?

Having great conversations will make the difference between the world today and the future we want.

Nutrition and productivity

What to eat to be the most productive you?

Why you should never trust anything?

What can you do when you don't know the topic and someone talks in a very convincing way?

Why we Fail With New Habits

I've mentioned this before but let's start with the basics. What is habit forming like? When we form habits the brain stops working as hard to make us achieve a task. That is why we might forget how we got to work or whether or not we locked the door. Brains just go on autopilot. … Continue reading Why we Fail With New Habits

Are you addicted to internet? I am

Internet addiction is similar to drug addiction. Best way to control something is to know about it. I want to control my life, do you?

Changes changes changes

So, I have not been a bit over 2 months in exchange and I only have one month until exams (yes it is a short exchange, but I'll have a couple of months to just enjoy the local life after exams 😉 ) While I have been here, I have been slacking off the blog, … Continue reading Changes changes changes

Learning and age?

In march I will be celebrating my 22nd birthday, and while I am not old by any means, I must admit that hearing that age makes it more difficult to learn starts to nag at my mind.  But is it really harder to learn? While science  has shown us that brain loses some of its … Continue reading Learning and age?