Gamify your success

What if you could control your life like you control Mario in the multiple worlds in a video game? Read to find out how!

The perfect little lie

The most effective yet toxic lie you tell yourself, on a daily basis.

23 life lessons

Today is my birthday. I am 23 years old now and I feel like I know nothing and that I haven't improved at all (even though I have been on a personal development journey for couple of years already, on and off) So I thought for today's post I will give 23 of the lessons … Continue reading 23 life lessons

Boredom leads to death

Boredom can lead to death and I can prove it!

Who are my readers?

So you know way more about me than I know about you. Let's get to know each other.

Why I will only restart posting in 2 weeks time

Hi all! I hope you guy have had an amazing time reading my blog. I have had a great time writing them... there is so much to read and to learn and to write about its making me SO EXCITED (can you tell 😉 ) This is however not working out to my advantage. When … Continue reading Why I will only restart posting in 2 weeks time

Why you will never have success without habits?

Ever have more questions about habits and routines and the answers are all the same? I have something new to add.

January Favorites

Things I love in January 🙂 Should I make monthly favorite posts?

5 steps back

When things get hard... take a step back and do things you used to love. Here are the 5 of mine 🙂

Everything wrong with school (My POV)

Education is great, teaching all the subjects that our society is prepared to teach kids (if you are born at a right time, to the right family with a right financial situation in the right country…) But there are many problems within teaching itself.  I would like to remind everyone reading that these issues I … Continue reading Everything wrong with school (My POV)