Fall in love with Your life

I am someone who loves adventure, who loves changed and fresh new projects. I am all the time on the go and I love people. And still even by any metric my life is amazing and interesting I am thirsty for more. As someone who loves personal development I decided to do a bit of … Continue reading Fall in love with Your life

How did the Dopamine Detox go?

This is how my dopamine detox went!

You don’t hate your job, you hate the environment

I don't believe that you hate your job. Either your idea of a dream job is naive or your work culture is shit, not the actual job.

Why 2019-2020 was my hardest but the best year?

In 2019 I was lost. My life seemed like an open-ended question on a test that I never even read for. It was like someone asking me to write a well-researched essay on rocket science.


5 Ways Corona Changed my life – Comment your list

We live in times of change. What does your "5 ways corona changed my life" -list look like? Share with me in the comments!

You choose to have a shit day!

(Disclaimer... this doesn't apply to you if you are suffering from a mental illness but even if you are I am 100% sure you can get some take away from this post) Or to have a great freaking day! Either way it is your choice. And yes, even if you house burned down, even if … Continue reading You choose to have a shit day!

5 steps to a Miracle Morning

A miracle morning works only if it is made for you. Make the morning work for you.

Life ends, did you exist in it or did you live it?

When you are on your death bed, will you greet death like an old friend, or will you be afraid, because you never really lived in the first place?

How to have great conversations?

Having great conversations will make the difference between the world today and the future we want.

Positivity doesn’t equal being delusional

Positivity doesn't equal being delusional. Not everything is healthy, no matter how positive you are about it.