Jealousy; success killer

If you can read this blog, then there is a huge chance that you can actually work yourself to the top, and thus don't have to be jealous of those who are already there. Being rich and using that to be generous isn't a sin, however jealousy is.

5 things I will invest in next year (2019)

Using some extra bucks for your well being and feeling good is good for you once in a while: Here is my list 🙂

Does money/success make us happy?

Does it suck that I have to say yes and no? If we only concentrate on becoming rich so we can blow the money on drinks and yachts and never do anything smart with the money, you won't be happy. You can ask anyone who gets rich without real purpose. Money for the sake of … Continue reading Does money/success make us happy?

Make a decision and stick to it

I know what you are thinking. Thanks Alisa, that helped a lot. I sure as hell didn't think you could have said anything more basic. And to that I will say, chill my friend. Just stick along and for what I have to say. I am currently reading a book by Anthony Robbins; The Giant … Continue reading Make a decision and stick to it