Stars sentenced to death

We read about suicides almost every week, drug overdoses and alcohol poisonings and so on. It is so common it almost feels normal. It shouldn’t be normal. This post is inspired by deaths of appreciated stars like Tim Bergling known as Avicii, Verne Troyer famous actor, and many others who’ve taken their own lives; By … Continue reading Stars sentenced to death

Are you addicted to internet? I am

Internet addiction is similar to drug addiction. Best way to control something is to know about it. I want to control my life, do you?

Be taught and teach

For couple of days now I have been watching people from TOTALLY different specks of life tell their story, their vision on Tom Bilyeu's show Impact Theory. And not only is all that I have watched been so extremely inspirational, I understood, that we ALL learn all the time AND that we all teach all … Continue reading Be taught and teach

A rant: Which truth is more true?

Live and let live, we might all be wrong.

A rant; Trash

Broken everything thrown away without a second thought. Causing not only a broken world but a broken society.

Self love for 2017

Daily we hear of how we are supposed to look like. I mean we are trying to get into the "everyone is beautiful" mentality and I think it's great BUT I don't think it is enough for the media to be telling us these things. I quite frankly do not like that we are all … Continue reading Self love for 2017