Simplifying my life: Step 2

I am on a path to simplify my life. This is step 2. Books and clothes cleared, what is next? Click and check out. Let me know what your goals are!

Why 2019-2020 was my hardest but the best year?

In 2019 I was lost. My life seemed like an open-ended question on a test that I never even read for. It was like someone asking me to write a well-researched essay on rocket science.

What is the science of success?

Success is not just about money! But what is it about? Let's ask science! Menestyminen ei ole vain rahasta kiinni. Mistä se sitten rakentuu? Kysytäänpä tieteeltä!

Kim Kardashian won’t make you successful

Even the same path walked by two different people will sound totally different in their recollections. Even if they walk it a the same time. So why concentrate on someone else's path?

How to unfuck your life with 3 easy steps

There is always a way to figure things out, here are my 3 tips for unfucking your life

Confidence ≠ extrovert

Confidence isn't about being loud and shyness isn't about not being confident. Both types of people can have their own types of confidence or insecurities.

5 things that you hate about you?

What are the 5 things you hate about you? Start working on them and in a year you will be a bran new you 😉

Productive resting

So, now you have a chance to rest. How to make sure you rest yet not become a vegetable?

23 life lessons

Today is my birthday. I am 23 years old now and I feel like I know nothing and that I haven't improved at all (even though I have been on a personal development journey for couple of years already, on and off) So I thought for today's post I will give 23 of the lessons … Continue reading 23 life lessons

5 steps back

When things get hard... take a step back and do things you used to love. Here are the 5 of mine 🙂