Introduction to the topic

6 Journaling prompts for Self-discovery in quarantine

6 Journaling prompts for Self-discovery in quarantine. Success is way more than just getting money. It is knowing who you are and what you want!


5 Ways Corona Changed my life – Comment your list

We live in times of change. What does your "5 ways corona changed my life" -list look like? Share with me in the comments!

What to do during quarantine?

Are you bored in a house, in a house bored? Read this and add your own twist! Let's use this time to our advantage! #coronatime

How and why make quarantine your bitch!?

We live in a world full of unease and unclarity. We are forced to think outside of the box. Especially if you live alone and are bored by having nothing to do; read this blog. It will give you ideas 😉

Why wait for tragedy? Change now!

Why wait till a loved one dies to change, when it could be way more pleasant to just change now?

How to have great conversations?

Having great conversations will make the difference between the world today and the future we want.

How to successfully study (even if you aren’t at school)

Learning doesn't have to be limited to school. Keep learning and keep living!

Clearing up personal development

Instead of trying to make others change. What should you change about yourself?

5 Recources for Personal Growth

My favorite resources for Personal Growth. What are your favorite from the list or that are on your own list?

New way of Goal Setting

What if instead of money you would try to reach for excitement about life?