Counter-intuitive ways of forming/changing Habits

Habit changing is sooo in... but what if I told you, that some of the ways work counter-intuitively? Read the post and change your life!

Why you will never have success without habits?

Ever have more questions about habits and routines and the answers are all the same? I have something new to add.

5 Habits before 2019

1) Structure I want to wake up around 4.30 and 5. I know many people will get very tired of hearing this. Especially if you feel you are a night owl.  I understand as someone who kept telling myself I prefer to work at night. And well sometimes I do. But if I have to … Continue reading 5 Habits before 2019

Why we Fail With New Habits

I've mentioned this before but let's start with the basics. What is habit forming like? When we form habits the brain stops working as hard to make us achieve a task. That is why we might forget how we got to work or whether or not we locked the door. Brains just go on autopilot. … Continue reading Why we Fail With New Habits

Negativity- how to quit it

Negativity has been hot wired into our brain. It is one of the secret powers with which we have survived this far. But we do not really need negativity as we used to. I mean we don't have to assume we will be attacked or anything along the lines. So why do we still hold … Continue reading Negativity- how to quit it