I am excited – And I just can’t hide it

Excited to get back on track with my goals. 2020 has been crazy. But not crazy enough to push me off my path 🙂

Fall in love with Your life

I am someone who loves adventure, who loves changed and fresh new projects. I am all the time on the go and I love people. And still even by any metric my life is amazing and interesting I am thirsty for more. As someone who loves personal development I decided to do a bit of … Continue reading Fall in love with Your life

Is Personal development the new fad diet?

Is PD, personal development a new fad diet? It can be. Here are 6 things to watch out for! Make PD your own, research, learn and apply.

Understanding this about time will save you!

Our concept of time sucks. There are three things to take into account.

You don’t hate your job, you hate the environment

I don't believe that you hate your job. Either your idea of a dream job is naive or your work culture is shit, not the actual job.

Why 2019-2020 was my hardest but the best year?

In 2019 I was lost. My life seemed like an open-ended question on a test that I never even read for. It was like someone asking me to write a well-researched essay on rocket science.


5 Ways Corona Changed my life – Comment your list

We live in times of change. What does your "5 ways corona changed my life" -list look like? Share with me in the comments!

Why finding your purpose kinda doesn’t matter?

Finding your life purpose is final and unless your life is at the end... nothing is final...

What is the science of success?

Success is not just about money! But what is it about? Let's ask science! Menestyminen ei ole vain rahasta kiinni. Mistä se sitten rakentuu? Kysytäänpä tieteeltä!