I am excited – And I just can’t hide it

Excited to get back on track with my goals. 2020 has been crazy. But not crazy enough to push me off my path 🙂

5 steps to a Miracle Morning

A miracle morning works only if it is made for you. Make the morning work for you.

Why I will only restart posting in 2 weeks time

Hi all! I hope you guy have had an amazing time reading my blog. I have had a great time writing them... there is so much to read and to learn and to write about its making me SO EXCITED (can you tell 😉 ) This is however not working out to my advantage. When … Continue reading Why I will only restart posting in 2 weeks time

How to change your life: Challenge 4/5

Mistake number 4 is: Trying to do too much at once. I've touched on this before but I am going to say this again because I still haven't accepted this as the truth but I am working on it. You can achieve amazing amounts and you can change more that one thing at a time. BUT … Continue reading How to change your life: Challenge 4/5

Concentrating on me…blog comes second

So I have been writing blogs on and off since I was like.... 17? And I like writing but I do not hold myself to a great standard and that kind of sucks... I mean for me to be a good blogger who advocated for personal development I should actually lead by example and to … Continue reading Concentrating on me…blog comes second

Changes changes changes

So, I have not been a bit over 2 months in exchange and I only have one month until exams (yes it is a short exchange, but I'll have a couple of months to just enjoy the local life after exams 😉 ) While I have been here, I have been slacking off the blog, … Continue reading Changes changes changes

Be taught and teach

For couple of days now I have been watching people from TOTALLY different specks of life tell their story, their vision on Tom Bilyeu's show Impact Theory. And not only is all that I have watched been so extremely inspirational, I understood, that we ALL learn all the time AND that we all teach all … Continue reading Be taught and teach

More questions less answers

We go to school, we learn daily new things. We answer thousands of questions. We read for exams that ask us factual questions. Questions we can answer with a date, a vocabulary word, or explaining chain of events in a way or another.  And that is great. It is important to learn how to answer … Continue reading More questions less answers

Make a decision and stick to it

I know what you are thinking. Thanks Alisa, that helped a lot. I sure as hell didn't think you could have said anything more basic. And to that I will say, chill my friend. Just stick along and for what I have to say. I am currently reading a book by Anthony Robbins; The Giant … Continue reading Make a decision and stick to it