Write your life live your life

Writing is sometimes the map you need to figure yourself out.

5 steps to a Miracle Morning

A miracle morning works only if it is made for you. Make the morning work for you.

Changes Changes Changes!

Change the people you hang out with and you can change yourself. I feel like there aren't many personal development communities so I have made a : ***** read to find out more 😉

How to change your life: Challenge 3/5

How to be less stressed? Just do what you are supposed to, now.

How to change your life? Challenge 1/5

Change your life one step at a time 1/5 posted. Keep up the good work, I know you can do it!

5 things I’ve learned while trying to change my life

Ever wondered what you could learn while trying to change your life? You should defenitely see for yourself, but here are my own lessons learned.

Make a decision and stick to it

I know what you are thinking. Thanks Alisa, that helped a lot. I sure as hell didn't think you could have said anything more basic. And to that I will say, chill my friend. Just stick along and for what I have to say. I am currently reading a book by Anthony Robbins; The Giant … Continue reading Make a decision and stick to it

Questions for yourself

We love to question the world. Why are there stars, how did everything start? What happens if I do this, and so on. But  I suggest that for now, slow down, and start questioning yourself. I have been searching for myself for quite a while now. I continue to do so. And I have found … Continue reading Questions for yourself


Some of you, scratch that ALL of  you know this feeling. It is this knife turning in your gut, reminding you daily that you are not where you want to be. That no one understands you. You are all alone. The blog isn't catching off as you would like and your instagram isn't looking the way you … Continue reading Frustration