Why can’t you find happiness?

Have you ever wondered why you can't find happiness? Check this post out!

5 things I’ve learned while trying to change my life

Ever wondered what you could learn while trying to change your life? You should defenitely see for yourself, but here are my own lessons learned.

How to: Feelings

Feelings those pesky things. If I say you can't force them out but let them out, do you get the difference? If you aren't sure keep reading 😉

How to: Confidence

When a confident person needs to solve something they see solutions not the problems. So how to become this magical person? Keep reading to find out 😉

Why we Fail With New Habits

I've mentioned this before but let's start with the basics. What is habit forming like? When we form habits the brain stops working as hard to make us achieve a task. That is why we might forget how we got to work or whether or not we locked the door. Brains just go on autopilot. … Continue reading Why we Fail With New Habits

My notetaking system

TITLE-Note taking system  Introduction phrase/paragraph  This is where I write the main idea of my notes. It will be like an opening in a textbook that explains what will go on in the chapter. Hint: Sometimes it is a good idea to write this at the very end where you yourself summarize what you have … Continue reading My notetaking system

Change my life in 365

Let’s be really really realistic here. I will not achieve every single goal that I want in 365 days. But I have until May 12, 2019, to change some shit in my life fundamentally. I will not take credit for this idea. I was inspired by Dottie Jame a YouTuber with this video she posted … Continue reading Change my life in 365

Stars sentenced to death

We read about suicides almost every week, drug overdoses and alcohol poisonings and so on. It is so common it almost feels normal. It shouldn’t be normal. This post is inspired by deaths of appreciated stars like Tim Bergling known as Avicii, Verne Troyer famous actor, and many others who’ve taken their own lives; By … Continue reading Stars sentenced to death

Making Conversation: How to Think Up Good Comments

As someone who wants to have more conversation on my blog, I must start sparking conversation on other peoples blogs that I find interesting. This post makes blogger networking sound easy and simple, which it actually really is when we stop over thinking everything. Thank you so much for this post its very appreaciated.

The Daily Post

Here on The Daily Post, we’re always advising you to build blog relationships by leaving substantive comments on other people’s posts. That’s easy enough to say, but how do you think of more to say than “Great post!” when all you can think to say is, well, “Great post!”

I often have trouble coming up with things to say — both in blog commenting sections and at parties. Here are some questions I ask myself when I want to leave a comment on a post but find I’m at a loss for words: 

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Kicking Internet addiction to the Curb!

So last time we talked about how the Internet is addictive and how that is bad for your mental health and relationships. What can be done, in order to kick internet addiction to the curb? This depends on the severity of your addiction. This blog post will have two parts to it. 1) How do … Continue reading Kicking Internet addiction to the Curb!