And My Blog moves

Hi to everyone and thanks for being a part of this journey. From now on all new posts will be on my website Best regards Alisa

I am excited – And I just can’t hide it

Excited to get back on track with my goals. 2020 has been crazy. But not crazy enough to push me off my path 🙂

Fall in love with Your life

I am someone who loves adventure, who loves changed and fresh new projects. I am all the time on the go and I love people. And still even by any metric my life is amazing and interesting I am thirsty for more. As someone who loves personal development I decided to do a bit of … Continue reading Fall in love with Your life

Network is your new Net Worth

Network is your new Net Worth. Make networking with people a part of your strategy for success! We work best when we work together!

Is Personal development the new fad diet?

Is PD, personal development a new fad diet? It can be. Here are 6 things to watch out for! Make PD your own, research, learn and apply.

5 Steps to figure out where and how to start with change!

5 Steps to figure out where and how to start with change! These aren't some sexy steps. But if you execute them I promise they will help! #realisticchange #sustainablesuccess #sustainablechange

Simplifying my life: Step 2

I am on a path to simplify my life. This is step 2. Books and clothes cleared, what is next? Click and check out. Let me know what your goals are!

How did the Dopamine Detox go?

This is how my dopamine detox went!

Dopamine Detox inspired by Andrew Kirby

Do you feel like you are the slave to your phone, computer etc? Me to! Join me to do this detox, inspired by a video from Andrew Kirby.

I ditched my physical planner

Just like having legs doesn't make you a fast runner having a very intricate and beautiful organization system doesn't make you productive.