Fall in love with Your life

I am someone who loves adventure, who loves changed and fresh new projects. I am all the time on the go and I love people. And still even by any metric my life is amazing and interesting I am thirsty for more. As someone who loves personal development I decided to do a bit of digging of what this all boiled down to.

And the fact is, that while I will probably always be the on the go type of a gal, I need to fall in love with my life. To romanticize what I have, not all the time look on the horizon and look for something better. The reality is, that either I have everything I need right here or I don’t and I need to do something about it. But even if I don’t. Even if there is still something shinier waiting for me outside of my current reality. I have to learn to be grateful and excited about the everyday.

So, I thought the amazing way to do this change for my life, would be by documenting my life in the most beautiful, raw honest and poetic way I can. Not fake. Just with a romantic filter if you will. I need to see what I have achieved and what type adventures and extempore plans I make and where those take me. So I can look back and actually see that I move forward.

So here I am with the starting post. I won’t take pressure of how often I will post these. I don’t want it to feel insincere. This isn’t about the readers. Not that I don’t appreciate everyone of you. This is primarily for me. And hey, if you guys get ideas from it then that is great 😉

What type of experiences make you full of excitement and thirst for adventure?

With love


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