Simplifying my life: Step 2

The first part of simplifying my life was ditching my planner; check that post out here: ditching my planner… this post is being written after I organized my books and clothes. A lot of those things that I no longer need are waiting for me to donate or sell.

The goal is to have everything fit in my home with no issues. All the clothes, cleaning supplies, the shoes, my ego… wait. All things have to have a home. I don’t want to have a bunch of stuff in my boxes. I don’t need to see all these trinkets all over the place. I am such a sentimental hoarder. It’s horrible. And honestly, it makes me anxious. That is why I am on this quest of simplifying my life.

I am much happier now that I have less to wear. It makes me happy to know exactly what I own. I don’t have to feel like I need to plan a week ahead of what I should wear on Monday.

The next goal is to simplify my routines. One day the goal is to have a great amazing routine/routines that will make me ready to take on the week if I have to. BUT currently, the reality is that my routines should be very minimal. Realistic morning routine currently would be something along these lines:

  1. Wake up; brush teeth, wash face, moisturize
  2. Make coffee, make bed while waiting for coffee
  3. Drink coffee and eat breakfast if I feel like it (no I don’t believe you must eat breakfast, read on intermittent fasting and consult your doctor!)
  4. Get kitchen back to order and get dressed. Put on make up and then continue the day as you would depending obv. on the day.

Now, all of that, if I would do it super fast, would probably take me about 20-30 min. If I want to make it a more lazy routine then I could stretch it to an hour. My goal is to get visualization meditation into there somewhere, but I first want to make all of that a natural part of my morning. Some parts have been already but not all.

How are you simplifying your life? I would love to read in the comments below!

Happy spring everyone!


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