Dopamine Detox inspired by Andrew Kirby

Tomorrow I am having a dopamine detox. What does this mean? Well, it mean I will not be doing the things I usually do that bring me please (fast). No scrolling the phone, no YouTube, no unhealthy food, no mindless pleasure that is fun in the moment but will make me feel dissapointed in myself after it is done.

I am a consumer of personal development content. I am someone who will get inspired for like a day or 2 and then I will “fail”. This is why the YouTube (Yes I see the irony) video by Andrew Kirby was so helpful. I noticed the same patterns in what he described of his own experiences with the ones I have.

Nothing sucks more than knowing your potential and knowing how much you could achieve but you end up sabotaging all because you just are addicted to the feeling of being inspired instead of to actually taking action. And dopamine is the hormone of anticipation, which makes it a perfect one for procrastination. What better to plan everything out, organize all of your workspace for perfect study sesh etc. Feels productive, makes it release dopamine because we are anticipating something big. But when it takes time to actually act on those plans…snooze. Maybe tomorrow.



I have started seriously hating myself as a person. I no longer trust my words to myself. This is why I really need to do this. Now the video by Andrew suggest that you do the detox on a Sunday. And I am assuming its because its the easiest day to keep free from distractions? How ever in Finland it will be mothers day, so it isn’t realistic for the detox. (Check the vid to understand the reasons). Thus I will have the Detox on a Saturday.



Comment below if you recognize yourself in this post. How? Will you be trying the detox yourself?

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Don’t hesitate to share this post and comment what your thoughts are. Will you be doing this detox too? Check out Andrews videos and please let me know if you get as many ahaa moments as me! 


Let’t go LifeChangers! 


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