I ditched my physical planner

And that is just the beginning

I have never been good at keeping up a paper calendar/planner. I have never thrived with it. I LOVED the idea of it all. The color-coding, the stickers the artsy bullet journals, etc. Just like I love the idea of a home perfectly decorated and a closet full of beautiful outfits. But now that I moved on my own, I have started to be more deliberate with what I have and own. I am currently in the process of a hardcore simplification of my life. Having all of the lavish things and systems aren’t worth the stress and overwhelm that are caused by them. 

It is exciting to start planning. To open a totally new planner with all your pens and stickers. Everyone and their mothers in the productivity online community will market you this idea that you will be super productive if you have all of these things. And I mean, maybe. But the only person who can tell you if it will make you productive is you. 

I noticed I am not. There isn’t anything wrong with that. For me, it just happens to be more realistic to only use virtual planning systems. It is all in one place, I can color-code everything without carrying 10 pens and I know that it all syncs up. Nothing will be lost. 

Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes miss writing things up. And when it comes to mind maps, blog plans, etc. I often at least sketch things out on paper. I just am realistic when it comes to how I am the most productive. And you should be realistic about it too. 

Just like having legs doesn’t make you a fast runner having a very intricate and beautiful organization system doesn’t make you productive.  

It is how you apply the things you plan to real life. 

Once I get more used to the simplified system I have come up with I will let you guys in on how it’s going and how exactly I organize everything. 

We live in a world of consumerism. We consume stuff like planners, pens, productivity tips, personal development content, etc etc etc. And the things is…. sadly not even one of these products/tips will work if you don’t. 

Just because I write into my calendar to workout doesn’t mean I do it. Most often I don’t. 

This is why we could use just simplifying things. Because the less overwhelmed we are, the more likely it is that we actually do the things we set out to do. Instead of saying you will work out 7 times a week by doing this crazy program. Stop for a while and think… “Am I actually going to commit to this? Or will this be in the graveyard of my goals, hopes, and wishes just like the rest of them?” 

We often hear the sentence of “The best workout is the ones that gets done” And this is really the truth to all of the rest of our goals. The best blog post is the one that gets written. The best essay is the one that is done. The best organization system is one that works for us. 

What are the things you need to simplify for yourself? Here are some ideas that  I will simplify: 

– Closet, Kitchen, Room decor, calendar/organization systems, notebooks, goals, and my routines. 

If you guys want to read more about the simplification process, let me know and I will write in more detail on anything that catches your fancy. 

This month I have some other goals that  I want to try out. (I won’t tell more about them yet but I will once I see that they are working out ;)) 

Stay safe all of you guys! And see you in the next post! 

4 thoughts on “I ditched my physical planner

  1. I make checklists. Some of them are written on sticky notes, some of them are written down in planner, and others can be found on my phone/laptop. 😅 I don’t have one method that 100% works for me, but as long as the task gets done, that’s all I care about.


    1. Absolutely, what works is enough! It’s however a good idea to think if you often need to search those papers and because of that get overwhelmed 🤔 thanks for reading and being here on my blog for quite some time 😊🙏 i appreciate it ❤️


      1. That is a good point. I try to stick to 3 methods (digital, one planner, and sticky notes). It’s not the most ideal system but so far, it has been working for me. I also make a weekly to-do list for courses at the start of each semester. It helps! 😊


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