6 Journaling prompts for Self-discovery in quarantine

We live in a world of go go go. And this has been one of the aspects of this whole pandemic that keeps discussed. Many of my fellow overachievers and people who are always on the go have mentioned this too. The stillness is weird. It makes us antsy.

6 Journaling prompts for quarantine self-descovery.

This time, however, is the most incredible time of all to discover yourself. I believe this is something that will help you throughout your life even after this pandemic is long gone. Here are some suggestions that you could journal about, talk over a phone with a friend about or just tell out loud to an audio device. However, you feel best.

6 Journaling prompts for Self-discovery in quarantine

  1. What aspects of my life I was happy/unhappy with before quarantine.
  2. What do I miss the most from before this pandemic?
  3. What would the best version of me be like?
  4. What are my passions, interests, curiosities, talents? How could I unite them into a job/hobby?
  5. If I had three wishes, what would I wish for?
  6. What are the same old goals I haven’t achieved? Why are they always on my list? Why haven’t I achieved them?

So there were some of my journaling prompts for Self-discovery in quarantine. Don’t hesitate to comment below the ones you have found helpful and add those that aren’t on the list for others to think about!

I know we often here that success isn’t achieved over night and I realize it often is understood but not accepted. The fact is success requires many small steps to fall into place before it can be attained. You must know who you are. You must know what you want and you really need to put in the work.

Trust me when I say that it is easier said than done. I am one of the most notorious ones, telling people to do abc and doing the opposite. No one is perfect and we will all have our struggles.

The fact will always remain, that no matter how much social media tries to sell you an easy way, there is no such thing. We as humans are way too complex for an easy success story. And it wouldn’t make us feel good even if we did achieve everything overnight.

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