Understanding this about time will save you!

Have you noticed that when we are on our phones 5 hours passes scrolling, just like that. Or when we spend time with friends. Yet we would consider it a lot of time.

On the other hand, if we only have 5-15 minutes to do something we see it as a very short time. But have you ever tried to sit still for 5-15 minutes, not changing positions, not scratching an itch, not checking the phone? It feels like an eternity. This is why, even if you have just 15ish minutes to do something. DO it. Walk, strech, short at home workout, read, meditate etc.

The is a concept called the Parkinson’s law. The logic behind is, that a task will take as long as we give it time. If we give two weeks for an essay to be written, it will take that long. However if we give it only 6 hours it will take only that long. Of course the actual time required depends on how long the essay is, but you get the idea.

We are also horrible at estimating how long it will take us to achieve things. We assume that we can achieve way more in a year than is realistic. But in 10 years we underestimate. This works the same in a shorter timeframe too. We assume we achieve hella lot tomorrow, but we can’t see how much we could get done in a day.

At the start I mentioned that we spend 5 h easily on the phone, but doing something productive makes the time go slower. That is the reason, why we assume that 30 minutes is too short of a time to work on an essay. If we’d spend less time on our phones we would have way more time to spend on important tasks.

The reason I feel this is important, is because we can achieve quite a bit without burning out if we are realistic and we learn to manage time better. I know that hustle culture can be unhealthy, BUT with time management and realistic goals, we achieve hella lot and actually enjoy the process too.

Hope this helps and good lunch with all your goals. Don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments! Here are some posts to check until next week!

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