5 Ways Corona Changed my life – Comment your list

5 Ways Corona changed my life. Probably it has changed all of our lives totally. It is all over the world causing mayhem. It is hurting so many of us in various ways and the worse part is that we don’t really know what to expect. Corona has definitely changed a lot in my life, but not all of it is bad. It is just different.

Here is a list of 5 ways that corona changed my life:

  1. I have had to learn new ways to keep in contact with people whom I care about. Now, Skype and phone calls aren’t new ways for me per se. But I use them way more now. And I appreciate the small moments with friends and family way more now. It is true what they say that distance makes your heart grow fonder.
  2. I have way more time for myself, learning, scrolling my thoughts and figuring out my goals and action steps. It isn’t about the #hustle. It is very different because I can actually stop and listen to what I want and need.
  3. I appreciate going outside more than I ever had. After staying home most of the day, going on a walk makes me extremely happy. Even a short walk to the store makes me happier than I ever thought such a simple thing could make.
  4. My work routine is changing, I am not longer going to work as early as before. Because I do less, I get tired less and fall asleep later because of that (and having sounds from the neighbors doesn’t help to fall asleep).
  5. I am more conscious of my health. With having to analyze our health all the time in the fear of corona, I have gotten way better with analyzing my energy levels, my health in general than before.
Comment below 5 ways corona changed your life!
Comment below how Corona Changed your life!

What does your list of “5 ways corona changed my life” look like?

I miss people. I miss seeing my friends whenever I can. And I’m a huger person so not being able to hug people is getting to me. Getting this much time on my hands is also making me overthink a lot. And fear keeps creeping onto me all the time as well. But not all is bad. And I want you guys to see what good there is in this situation.

What can you learn? About yourself, about the world? Hope this post helps you guys to think. And I will see you guys in my next post. Here is more to read until then:

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Here are some outside resources for this time of possible boredom:

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Check out Skillshare and its vast resources for different things to learn!

Stay healthy and try to be positive!



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