Ready or not!

Sometimes life is just a series of unknown events that just attack you from behind. You can’t prepare and you aren’t aware … and that is ok. Ready or not …. take the chance!

The thing is that often times we can learn to expect the unexpected and even plan our lives around the unexpected. Let me explain. In short there is only one thing that is sure after your birth and that is that one day you will die. No matter if you see this as a good, bad or a neutral thing, it is the truth. So everything else in the mix is unclear. What jobs you have, who are your friends, will you marry how many kids (if at all) you will have, etc. All is unsure. BUT there are ways to make things more sure:

If you want new experiences, even if not 100% sure what, search for them. Even if you feel you aren’t ready. Talk to people, ask them about projects etc. If unsure, usually just jumping ahead is a great way to figure out if something is for you or not. A lot of lessons were learnt that way for me. Not all of them were nice lessons, but life lessons rarely are nice.

If you are scared, then you should really do it. Now don’t get it twisted. You shouldn’t ever be the type of scared where you feel someone is following you but you just see how things will turn out. Like guard your life ofc. However sometimes just jumping and seeing how it will go is a good strategy 😉

All the things you will achieve in life are going to be behind hard work. That is also something that seems to be as certain as death. Ofc you get lucky sometimes. But even luck has a funny way of showing up when you make an effort.

This year has been a roller coaster ride for me. Stress with studies (I got my diploma finally yaaaay) A work place I love is soon coming to an end and there are new opportunities ahead (I will tell more once everything is more clear!) But nothing would be going as it has, if I just would be laying in bed wondering what to do next. Just take the step and then the next and little by little your path will light up… and after a while you might find out that you path is changing and that part is the beauty in life, you never know how things will fold out.

Ready or not here I come

Sincerely: Life

Hope you liked these thoughts from me and I hope I will get to write to you guys soon. I have missed updating… life has just been…..hectic 😀

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