Why you will never have success without habits?

You don’t have to have goals to become the best CEO in the world or have a net worth of billion as your goal. Success at least for me is more about doing better than you did yesterday and that you are proud of who you are. It doesn’t matter if it is being a great mother or a business owner. Your success is yours, don’t make anyone else decide it for you.

Despite your what your success looks like, you must work for it. And the best way to have success is to have a routine. If you own a business your routines are going to be different from being a mother. But you will still have routines and habits. I will first talk about why you will never amount to anything without habits and after I will mention some habits that I think are the best for those who are just starting out on this journey.

Why can’t you amount to anything without habits?

Think of all the habits you have in place right now…. brushing teeth twice a day (hopefully). Drinking 8 cups of water a day. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator and so on. Now imagine if you couldn’t even achieve these small habits, like brushing your teeth. If you don’t have enough will power, determination to hold a toothbrush for 4 minutes in total in a day, how could you do anything else? You build momentum in a day by starting it right and you start building moment for the next day by ending the day right. If you can’t do the small things well then you can’t be responsible for a child or a business or school work or anything.

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash

How do you form habits? And what habits should you form?

Starting to form habits isn’t easy. I have started new habits and stopped doing them over and over again. And I have noticed that sometimes habits are really difficult to rationalize for yourself, especially if the award for it would be visible in a year or the consequence if you didn’t do it. For example, if you skip brushing your teeth once or twice, you probably won’t die. But if you never brush your teeth… well that won’t look pretty.

So how have I found it easiest to form habits? Give yourself a reason to do it. You want to study for 3 hours a day? Why? Simon Sinek has written a book about it, and while his tips are often related to business, trust me the tips are important to your personal life as well. If you don’t have a strong enough why you will not continue the habit. If you feel like “Well then there isn’t a point because I know I don’t have a strong why so whatever”. Don’t quit quite yet. You can make yourself a why. Let’s stick with the studying example. (this can be applied to work or anything, to be honest. ) Here are some why’s you could implement for yourself even if they aren’t something that you believe 100% quite yet.

  1. Wanting to improve in subject XYZ; it makes sense that if you want to study well you have to be better than before. The only way is to have a consistent habit of studying after school or before school and on weekends (or all of them together)
  2. Wanting to be proud of yourself: This for me is super important. I feel like shit about being lazy and not amounting to as much as I want. I actually study relatively well. But I’m around the average, a little bit over. And I haven’t really put much effort into my studies. Expect at the last moment… That makes me wonder what could I have achieved if I had always done my best.
  3. Having all the doors still open for you. The simple truth is, people rarely are aware of what they will want in the future. You might feel like you will never need math… well I thought that too. Thus I didn’t work hard for my math grades. But then I learned that I needed a very complete understanding of math to study Psychology in Finland… and now I am not studying Psychology. And really, it is all my fault. I am still shitty in math, but I could learn. It would take a lot of effort. It would have taken a lot less when I was in my 9th grade or even in high school…

So find your why. And think it through very carefully. Visualize every possible outcome that could happen in case of implementing and not implementing a habit into your life.

Photo by Ken Treloar on Unsplash

Best habits to implement right now!

  1. If you have decided something stick to it. It is probably one of the most difficult habits to implement. I know that. But it will help you with all of your habit forming. If you are used to not sticking to what you promise yourself. Then you will never hold yourself accountable for anything. I mean if you just let yourself talk yourself out of studying every day… in the end, it won’t be a habit. If you will explain to yourself why you really need to eat that pie… well eating healthy/losing weight is going to be hella hard. You catch my point? So make it a habit to keep the promises you make to yourself. (to others too, but to yourself especially).
  2. If you assume something will take x amount of time…double it, or even triple it.  It doesn’t really matter what the task you are doing is. If you think you can finish an essay in 2 hours. Then assume it will be 4. Not so you can have time to scroll Instagram. But so you don’t fill your day too full. If you think about this in form of habits? Don’t assume that it will take only 21 days to form a habit. First of all, 21 days is a short time if you are used to doing something for more than 20 years… and some habits are easier to form than others. So assume it will take you up to 50 days. If it takes less then great, but at least you won’t have the possibility of being like “well it didn’t work in 21 days, so it probably won’t for me at all”.
  3. If you fail, get back up. Do not change the habit you are trying to do. If every time you fail you give up. that becomes your habit. So make it your habit to get up when you fail.
  4. Pick one routine and make it your backbone for everything. If it is your evening routine, it will make your morning better. If it is your morning routine it will make your day better. After that just build routines on top of the other routines. Until all of your life will be filled with habits.

If you are still unsure of the benefits and reasons to implement habits be sure to check out Tim Ferris, Tom Bilyeu, Tony Robbins, Oprah, Mel Robbins, Sorelle Amore or anyone who is successful on some level. If you find someone who is going to tell us that habits are not good for us and they have a hectic life and that is why they are so successful, I want you to link them for me. I really wanna read about them 😀

Thank you for reading! Here are some of my favorite habit and routine videos if you are interested and want to get inspiration. Before assuming you can change everything at ones and implement all of the habits and routines of famous successful people, remember my list 😉

Thanks for reading and comment your thoughts!

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