My notetaking system

TITLE-Note taking system 

Introduction phrase/paragraph 

This is where I write the main idea of my notes. It will be like an opening in a textbook that explains what will go on in the chapter.

Hint: Sometimes it is a good idea to write this at the very end where you yourself summarize what you have learned so far from your notes.


The subtitle might be a whole concept of the bigger topic or it might just be a vocabulary word I want to explain. If there is an important vocabulary word or concept I must remember I will write it in bold. For example, right now I am studying project management and the Scrum system. Thus, Scrum will be bolded. If it’s something extremely important it might also be underlined.

Making my notes clear

How do I make everything very very simple for me?  If within a subject, there are for example 3 categories. I will write them “openly”

  1.    Category
  2.    Category
  3.    Category

If I need help with understanding these concepts/categories or subtopics that don’t deserve their own subtitle. I will open them up in next paragraphs that are as short as possible.

Colour coding                       

Colour coding and I have a love-hate relationship. I love colors and I wish I could make my brain organize everything with color. I really do. The Is just this issue that I get easily distracted by color.

Many studies show that highlighting for example only tricks your brains to think that you remember something, but you just remember seeing/ highlighting the word. And that using too much color will make it hard to concentrate on what you have written.

I do however use some color but extremely sparingly. For example, if there is a very important date. I will color it in green. I don’t like using too bright colors, so my eyes don’t get all confused. If there is someone important that I must remember I will use red. If I feel like I don’t know enough about a concept I will color it in blue, that way I know I must return to it.

When I am writing my notes in class/ at home from a text my color use is a bit more liberal as I can just underline something in a color I am using. But on the computer you must change the whole text to one color and boy is that confusing.

My university requires that  I use the SFS 2487 standard and that is why the picture of my notes I will show next will look different from the way I have explained them here. But I couldn’t format everything here the same way I do on Word document.


My notes.png
The text is the same only the format differs. Wanted to show how it looks in real life.

I prefer Word to take my notes with as I use it anyway to write my reports on so I don’t have multiple different documents just laying about.  I also find word can make your notes as interesting as you want with adding pictures etc if you want to. But to each their own.

If you would like to see how I write my notes by hand leave a comment I will do that post as soon as possible. And as a side note I usually always at first write my notes by hand. Unless I just don’t have time to write everything the teacher says (Obviously in my own words but I must first change the information into my own words.)  Then I trust the computer to help me.

I hope this was interesting and helpful. Please leave me a comment telling me what you thought and give me ideas of what you want to read next.



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