Growing up while on your own

Hi, I am back. It has been a pretty crazy month here in exchange in France so haven’t had the energy to write here. I have had time. But always felt like I was so drained that I couldn’t write anything. I wanted to write something good and not just an apology that I haven’t been writing.

During this month I have learned a lot of things and all of them relate to growing up or “adulting” if you will. So here are couple of things I am trying to learn here.

  1. Knowing how to speak a “foreign” language on the daily doesn’t mean you know it. It requires to read and work on the language also with the subjects that might not even be the most interesting for you. That is the only way to learn the language properly and “deeply” if you will.
  2. You have to do all the administrative/boring stuff as soon as possible. It really isn’t that horrible in the end. And the more you wait the more you end up making the thing out to be hard and horrible, and to be honest it rarely is horrible. Its annoying maybe boring but its fine. You will survive
  3. Buying food for only you, making it cheap and not eating just pasta day in and out is hard and I am quite frankly still not sure how to do it. But one great way is to A) make a budget and B) make a shopping list.
  4. The best way to adult is to be on your own. That doesn’t mean you can’t have  friends, you don’t spend time with your family or partner. It means that when you have the chance you live alone. It can be with exchange or working in another country or just living alone in the country you are in. It will work out in the end. But by living alone you learn things you might never learn with someone always living with you.

As always thanks for reading and until next time!


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