New Year and the BS

I love you New Year, the kick you get for the first time in a while that you know you will become the super version of you for the next year. Sadly it lasts for 2 weeks…. one month max, and then you are back to square one, if not even further away.

Let me be very clear here, goals are great and motivation is fabulous and being ambitious, is a life goal for many. But there is absolutely no point to Bull Shit yourself. You are not going to do those 50 new things now. Even hardcore goal achievers always say only one goal at the time, or maybe 3 goals that are different from each other. For example exercise twice a week and write blog posts weekly and maybe read a book a month. I think those are still reachable goals. It kind of depends on where you start and how far you want to reach.

My point here is, there is no rush nor is there a competition. You should compete only with the person you were yesterday. That is it. Being competitive isn’t bad, but always comparing yourself to 300 people before you, who are in a totally different life situation than you is just not going to serve you.

We are all on a journey through life. We have daily obstacles, some more and some less. Sometimes it is really good to be kind of stuck and not rushing with your process. A body builder can’t achieve a #goals body in a week. It requires a lot of work, many years of work even. But the process of achieving your goals is also a very big part of your life. Don’t undermine its significance.


3 thoughts on “New Year and the BS

  1. Hi Alisa,

    It is so true that people can over-do the goal setting and rush to the finish line. I am NOTORIOUS for setting a million goals and really have to make a conscious effort to keep the number down. However, since I know this about myself, I also have to keep in mind that if I don’t reach them all that year, then that’s ok. As you said, it’s supposed to be about the journey and the experiences we have along the way, not just the end result.

    Thanks for the honest and thoughtful post!



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