What is Personal Development?

Personal Development is a lifestyle, at least in my opinion. It is a choice to make sure that you do not get stuck, that you keep moving forward and growing as a person. It is this idea, that no matter how much you know you never know enough and no matter how good you are at something you can always do better.

This doesn’t mean you should beat yourself over not being Mozart at the age of 15 or not being able to do the same kind of discoveries as Einstein. Look all of us have the things that we are either better or worse at. We get inspired by different things and that is fine. The important part is to be inspired. To find interest in whatever it is that we find interesting.

Personal Development is a healthy choice. It is a choice where you have control over the kind of person you are and want to become. It makes a huge difference when you can be educated and interesting to not only others but to yourself. Reading, writing, being an artist of any kind. Being sportive being a motivator, all of those things fall under being interested in developing, improving and growing yourself. To each their own. Really what makes you happy while trying to develop is your own business. It could be meditation, praying, reading 50 books in 2 weeks, watching documentaries. Whatever it is that you do, if it makes you grow, it really is worth the time and the effort.

But remember you do not have to pay 1000000000$$$ to someone to become a better version. Getting a book on the thing that interests you is great. Sitting and being mindful for 10 minutes, or even just 3 is great. In the end, it doesn’t take that much effort if you use about 30 minutes of your day, to become better, and who knows you might get hooked on it like me, and be doing it as much as possible.

Please comment below, how you like to better yourself. Let me know how your personal development journey started.


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10 thoughts on “What is Personal Development?

  1. Great post. My personal development story just started recently when I realized that I am not where I want to be in my life. The only one who can change that is me. I took the first step, learned more about myself and started a blog. The funny thing is that the more I blog, the more I find who I am.

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    1. I love you comment! I can see so much of myself in that comment. I would say I started my journey quite recently as well. Well I have been on it for a while, but have recommitted to it properly only this year. I have noticed as well the startling realization how little I knew about myself before and how much there is still to learn. I also learn so much by writing my blog and talking with others on this journey. The best of luck for you my friend ^^

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  2. I grow most through travel, reading, and liberty. Liberty for me means freedom to set my own schedule, work for myself, do what I love, and move from place to place. Anything too restricting (like a 9 to 5) makes me feel as though I’m losing part of myself in a routine.

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    1. Traveling is a great way to grow! We get to meet new people and get to know new cultures. Don’t even get me started about reading. Books are like a door not only into the minds of people but a totally different time and place. Opens our eyes to so much more than just what is going on right in front of us. And Liberty, being in charge of your life I think really makes you grow because you have to break from the “safety” of routine. I hope you keep growing and have great adventures :3 Thank you very much for the response! 😀


      1. The thing I love most about traveling is getting to see more of the world and observe, even if I don’t interact with the locals.

        I love fantasy novels, as well as antiquarian novels, so I’m propelled out of my natural element for sure when I read.

        As for liberty, what is life without it?

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      2. Yes I can totally get travelinv even if you dont meet new people. Traveling for the sake of seeing new places is great too. Do you like cities or nature more? For me its kind of 50/50 a part of me loves the big cities and lights. But on the other hand the forests and plants and animals makes time somehow stop.

        And yes I love fantasy books as well. I love the fact that in them there isnt really a limit for anything. I love historical fantasy as well. Learning about the past with a help of some imagination is facinating. What is your favorite fantasy novel? 😊

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      3. I prefer nature to the cities. The one thing I do wherever I travel to is go hiking. If there are no great hiking trails nearby, I likely won’t visit. There are some cities with great hiking though — like Vegas, San Diego, and even Atlanta.

        My favourite fantasy writer would have to be Anne Rice, because she weaves so much old world history into her books. I loved both her Vampire Chronicles, and the Mayfair Witches, best of all.


      4. Ah I would love to try hiking, haven’t really, not properly at least. And I will definetly check those books out. I have heard of them but never read them yet 🙂 My favorite is Harry Potter, I know very basic, but the series just grow as you grow up and I loved that. But a more recent favorite of mine is the Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones. The world it is in seems like a very typical children story, but it builds up to become so complex. And the way it is written is so poetic I love it 🙂

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