Meditation? Are you doing it right?

Yes you are, if it makes you feel peace and calm and serenity.

Look there will always be people who are 100% convinced that the only right way to do s*** is their way, and you better do it the same way. And I will be the first one to tell you not to spend time with those kinds of people, unless you must.

There are a HUGE amount of different types of meditations. I myself love doing mindfulness meditations or some type of guided meditations. But there are so many. Here is a few of the most common ones:

  • Transcendental Meditation: Rising above negativity, in a lotus position.
  • Heart Rhythm Meditation (HRM): Concentration on the heart and breathing. Is said to improve not concentration but also balance emotion and more.
  • Kundalini : Sitting in a lotus position. The goal is to breath through your energy centers; the chakras.
  • Guided Visualization: Visualizing what you want your feelings to be like, what you might want to be like yourself.
  • Qi Gong: Involves movement
  • Zazen: The goal is to stop judging your thoughts.
  • Mindfulness: being present in the moment, letting thoughts drift by but not getting stuck on them.

To read more about these visit:

But even these might not be the right answer all the time. Maybe you feel so restless that sitting in one space for a long time, right now just makes you feel very anxious. Maybe if you try to force yourself into a certain type of meditation, you just feel like a failure. This is why I am writing this post.

Meditation is about letting go of everything but the present moment. In mediation there is no past nor future. Just right now. And that can be achieved with different ways, not just sitting like a flower on the floor.

I sometimes love to go on walks and listen to the nature and I feel more at peace and in the moment than any other time. I also love coloring an adult coloring book, because it is a mindless task to do, but you are still doing something while letting your mind wonder. For someone it might be going for a jog, petting a horse or something similar. And I will tell you right now, it is okay. Do not try to force yourself into something you aren’t comfortable with.

At the same time I urge you to not disregard mediation as some old “voodoo” thing, because it isn’t. Mediation is an extremely powerful and old method at calming the mind, body and soul, so do not just disregard the practice. Try doing it once in a while, and do not give up after one time. It takes time to master it, I haven’t mastered it even a bit, and I have been doing it for about 3 years now. But I have seen the benefits of it.  Try different ones and see what works best for you.

Thanks for reading and let me know what your favorite type of meditation is!


The Writer.

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