Active Summer

I am a strong believe in the fact that you have to maintain a certain mental activity in order not to become a blob. And this blog will be about how to keep yourself active during summer, when the holidays are here and you would rather do nothing but to sleep in till 2 pm and watch netflix till 5 am.

Sometimes doing things that aren’t best for you, like staying up late and sleeping in, is perfectly fine as long as it doesn’t become a norm. So here are some tips in order to not be dead for the 2-3 months when school/work restarts.

  1. Have a sleep cycle. This doesn’t have to  be the kind of where you wake up at 5 am and go for a 10 mile run. I won’t even try to pretend that thit would be me. But you should try to wake up in the morning, that way you do not lose all of your time on just being a blob, and the rest of the day will go better. I typically wake up somewhere around 8-9. This also means you should go to sleep quite early.  But even if you go sleep later than recommended (10-12 pm) you should wake up around 8-9 because then you will sleep better the next night.
  2. Eat a breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up. This will give you a reason to stand up from the bed, and will make it less likely for your to just fall back asleep.
  3.  Do something with your day. See your friends, go for a walk, do some chores around the house you promised you would once you aren’t busy at school/work.
  4. Try to study a bit. I know this  might seem insane, but just listen through. I do not mean the same kind of studying we do while we are at school every day for 6 hours or what not. No. I mean the kind of studying you might even enjoy, just to keep you mind active. Read a book, watch documentaries. If you want to learn a language study some words, 5-10 words a day, isn’t that much, but after a 2-3 month summer holiday it will add up.

That is what I had in mind at least for my summer, to keep it interesting and so I won’t turn into a blob. On top of all that I have work to do, so it is good if I get to keep a cycle so I won’t feel too tired at work either.

Thanks for reading. Do you guys have any ideas for a productive(ish) summer? What are your summer holiday plans?

-The Writer

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