I am excited – And I just can’t hide it

Excited to get back on track with my goals. 2020 has been crazy. But not crazy enough to push me off my path πŸ™‚

Fall in love with Your life

I am someone who loves adventure, who loves changed and fresh new projects. I am all the time on the go and I love people. And still even by any metric my life is amazing and interesting I am thirsty for more. As someone who loves personal development I decided to do a bit of … Continue reading Fall in love with Your life

Network is your new Net Worth

Network is your new Net Worth. Make networking with people a part of your strategy for success! We work best when we work together!

Is Personal development the new fad diet?

Is PD, personal development a new fad diet? It can be. Here are 6 things to watch out for! Make PD your own, research, learn and apply.

5 Steps to figure out where and how to start with change!

5 Steps to figure out where and how to start with change! These aren't some sexy steps. But if you execute them I promise they will help! #realisticchange #sustainablesuccess #sustainablechange

Simplifying my life: Step 2

I am on a path to simplify my life. This is step 2. Books and clothes cleared, what is next? Click and check out. Let me know what your goals are!

How did the Dopamine Detox go?

This is how my dopamine detox went!

Dopamine Detox inspired by Andrew Kirby

Do you feel like you are the slave to your phone, computer etc? Me to! Join me to do this detox, inspired by a video from Andrew Kirby.

I ditched my physical planner

Just like having legs doesn't make you a fast runner having a very intricate and beautiful organization system doesn't make you productive.

Introduction to the topic

6 Journaling prompts for Self-discovery in quarantine

6 Journaling prompts for Self-discovery in quarantine. Success is way more than just getting money. It is knowing who you are and what you want!

Understanding this about time will save you!

Our concept of time sucks. There are three things to take into account.

You don’t hate your job, you hate the environment

I don't believe that you hate your job. Either your idea of a dream job is naive or your work culture is shit, not the actual job.

Why 2019-2020 was my hardest but the best year?

In 2019 I was lost. My life seemed like an open-ended question on a test that I never even read for. It was like someone asking me to write a well-researched essay on rocket science.


5 Ways Corona Changed my life – Comment your list

We live in times of change. What does your "5 ways corona changed my life" -list look like? Share with me in the comments!

What to do during quarantine?

Are you bored in a house, in a house bored? Read this and add your own twist! Let's use this time to our advantage! #coronatime

How and why make quarantine your bitch!?

We live in a world full of unease and unclarity. We are forced to think outside of the box. Especially if you live alone and are bored by having nothing to do; read this blog. It will give you ideas πŸ˜‰

You choose to have a shit day!

(Disclaimer... this doesn't apply to you if you are suffering from a mental illness but even if you are I am 100% sure you can get some take away from this post) Or to have a great freaking day! Either way it is your choice. And yes, even if you house burned down, even if … Continue reading You choose to have a shit day!

Why finding your purpose kinda doesn’t matter?

Finding your life purpose is final and unless your life is at the end... nothing is final...

MOCKING- 1st short story​

the monster lurks in the depth of your subconscious....securing you into a blanket of false security

Multitasking- a threat or an opportunity?

IntroductionWhat is multitasking?What are the threats of multitaskingIs it also an opportunity?Conclusion Introduction I have been searching for work for a while now, and I have realized this one expectation that many recruiters have, they want someone who is effective at multitasking. I have lived in a belief that multitasking is a myth and wrote … Continue reading Multitasking- a threat or an opportunity?

5 steps to a Miracle Morning

A miracle morning works only if it is made for you. Make the morning work for you.

5 ways to get out of your comfort-zone…comfortably

5 ways to get out of your comfort-zone to reach your potential, comfortably. Let's Go!

Kim Kardashian won’t make you successful

Even the same path walked by two different people will sound totally different in their recollections. Even if they walk it a the same time. So why concentrate on someone else's path?

4 things to do, to make your next 6 months a success!

Half a year has passed and you are still where you began. Time to wake up and go make your life into a success! Let's go!

How to have great conversations?

Having great conversations will make the difference between the world today and the future we want.

How to successfully study (even if you aren’t at school)

Learning doesn't have to be limited to school. Keep learning and keep living!

Self-care is a guaranteed way to make yourself succeed!

Are you tired of coming up with excuses for why you can't take time for self-care? Aren't we all, I hope my post helps you make time for yourself.

How to unfuck your life with 3 easy steps

There is always a way to figure things out, here are my 3 tips for unfucking your life

Positivity doesn’t equal being delusional

Positivity doesn't equal being delusional. Not everything is healthy, no matter how positive you are about it.

How not to let regrets take charge of your life?

Regret is an interesting thing. Because we get stuck ruminating on it, instead of learning and moving the fuck on.

Counter-intuitive ways of forming/changing Habits

Habit changing is sooo in... but what if I told you, that some of the ways work counter-intuitively? Read the post and change your life!

Define your success to guarantee it is YOUR success

Another flashy success story hitting the headlines? And now you want that for yourself...or do you?

5 simple habits for guaranteed success

Habits that guarantee you success... just not over night... so sorry πŸ˜€


It is a joy to know that I have brought joy to someone and hope to continue to do so. Let's keep motivating and chearing each other on!

10 things that will make you a time management guru

10 things that will make you a time management guru, in no time! It isn't hard to find time for the things that matter. Here is how you do it:

Avoiding these 5 life traps will save you

Avoiding these 5 life traps will save you time, effort and energy. Try and not being trapped into these and see the change!

5 mindsets that will make you successful

No matter your job, you are required to have certain mindsets for success. These mindsets will make you successful no matter what! Lezza go!

How this quote can change your life?

This quote can change your life and here is why!

Clearing up personal development

Instead of trying to make others change. What should you change about yourself?

Why “HAPPINESS” is bullshit

Running after happiness is like running after someone who will kiss you and then punch you in the face.

5 Personal Development Journaling Prompts

There are many ways to make your life better and reach your goals easier; journaling is one method to do so.

5 Recources for Personal Growth

My favorite resources for Personal Growth. What are your favorite from the list or that are on your own list?

How can we change the world?

Instead of fighting over whose cause is better, concentrate on the cause you have chosen and fight for it. People following passion will achieve more than those following hate and anger.

The addicted generation

Since the invention of alcohol, drugs and unhealthy food, we have had addictions. This is nothing new. But I honestly am extremely worried of the current and future generations. (yeah that means myself too) It is so easy to find something to get addicted to. And you honestly don't need to use much money for … Continue reading The addicted generation

Jealousy; success killer

If you can read this blog, then there is a huge chance that you can actually work yourself to the top, and thus don't have to be jealous of those who are already there. Being rich and using that to be generous isn't a sin, however jealousy is.

Confidence β‰  extrovert

Confidence isn't about being loud and shyness isn't about not being confident. Both types of people can have their own types of confidence or insecurities.

5 ways to feel rested with no napping

Have you felt like just falling into bed and taking a nap but you know you won't get up anymore, because I mean .... comfy bed? Yeah, me too. Here are my tips to getting a little bit of rest without a nap.

Think less, achieve more!

Change doesn't happen without action nor does it happen while banging your head against the wall πŸ˜‰

Changes Changes Changes!

Change the people you hang out with and you can change yourself. I feel like there aren't many personal development communities so I have made a : ***** read to find out more πŸ˜‰

And My Blog moves

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